Welcome to De Scudetto

De Scudetto Resto & Lounge, a mixture between casual fine-dining restaurant and American sports bar, offers a dining experience & entertainment like no other along with extensive list of drinks & palate-pleasing Western & Asian dishes.

De Scudetto Resto & Lounge Sets in ONE spacious room and surrounded with eclectic luxury art-deco inspired decor, plenty of LED TVs and ONE eye-pleaser LED Projector, De Scudetto Resto & Lounge is the perfect place for dining, private events, and parties for families to sports and music enthusiasts.

Enclaved at the center of Surabaya, De Scudetto Resto & Lounge is open seven days per week, for lunch, dinner, to party, from Monday through Sunday. Open from 11 P.M. to 2 A.M. for weekdays and to 3 A.M. for weekends. Dining for Western & Asian dishes and bar that serves casual drinks to signature cocktails.


Madrid - Table Seating
Juventus - Sofa Seating
Milan - VIP Room
Chelsea - Bar Seating
LED Screens
Music Everyday
Inside De Scudetto

In De Scudetto Resto & Lounge, you can choose your favourite spot. Whether it’s bar seating, dining area, the plush seatings, or if ask our team for ONE VIP room in unobtrusive place upstairs that overlook the entire place.

Our Location